Who We Are

Founded by journalists, Ati Metwaly and Soha Elsirgany in early 2018, Cultograph is a collective of cultural journalists based in Cairo, Egypt, and representing several local publications.

Our core mission is to create a vibrant and mutually beneficial link between arts field and cultural journalists.

We also hope to serve as a central point for the news, updates and all info data about the arts and culture in Egypt, with extension to the MENA region.

We support all artists and artistic organizations through the exchange of knowledge and updates about their activities.

Our activities include:

  • organization of creative workshops for artists, cultural journalists, audiences, etc.
  • press conferences for the artists and artistic institutions;
  • content development: press packages including press releases, portfolios of the artists and artistic organizations, promotional material, etc;
  • editing and translation;
  • promotional services for artists and/or artistic entities;
  • support of the artists and cultural journalists with our extensive networks so they benefit from the new patterns of mutual cooperation; etc.
  • access to professional rehearsal, recording and meeting rooms and their equipment, through our partnership with Vibe for Developing Arts

We invite all cultural players, cultural journalists, institutions, as well as all arts and culture lovers, to share with us their work and comments related to all fields of art.

Cultograph’s main partner and supporter is Vibe for Developing Arts, an integrated music complex, offering the best services and complete solutions for all musicians.

If you are interested to join our network – in the capacity of a cultural journalist, an artist or an artistic institution – please do not hesitate to contact us.